Planet Fitness – What The Hype is All About

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Planet Fitness – What The Hype is All About

Judgement free weight lifting

Planet Fitness is a gym membership that is pretty easy on the pocket.  (For the best guide on the internet, check out: Tree of Fitness)

The philosophy of this company is to make the members feel welcome and they describe the facilities provided by them using the phrase “judgment-free-zone”. The reason why this gym membership is pocket friendly is because of the history it has. The Founder, Michael Grondahl, had started Planet Fitness for the first time in 1992, and the one of the main motives was to compete with the other hi-fi gyms. As per some entrepreneurs, Grondahl’s focus was on novice and occasional gym users.
The services and facilities provided by PF is quite cavernous and simple. Most of their outlets are open 24*7. They offer amenities that are bare bones and have 2 membership types – Black Card and No Commitment.

Black Card : These are annual memberships costing $19.99 / month and the facilities are – lower membership, all the PF outlets all across the country can be used, guest passes are free, tanning beds are free, using the massage chairs are free and discounted rates on drinks and the food at the outlets as well as on the online store. Just that the annual charge varies from location to location, irrespective of the gym one chooses.

No Commitment : The price for this is $10 / month. At some locations there is an activation fee of upto $10. No Commitment generally means no contract, however some locations may have a rolling month on month contract whereas the others might have a yearly one. If one signs up for an annual contract, then the charge is $10 / month. However if the contract is broken, then there are cancellation charges that is equal to $10 multiplied by the number of months left in the contract. One can benefit from unlimited training sessions and unlimited use of the gym. Also everyone gets a free t-shirt with this membership type.

The Training Sessions

Planet Fitness offers free training sessions however there is a schedule that is to be followed. Each training session is mostly to focus on one part of the body. The sessions are designed in such a way so that small groups can attend the same. However, some people prefer to attend these sessions all by themselves for special “One-on-One” attention and that can be arranged too.

What is a “judgment-free-philosophy?”

It basically means that it follows a certain set of rules.
a) There is a “lunk-alarm” on the wall in the area that has free weights. The alarm starts off if someone lifts a weight while grunting or slams it down while keeping it back.
b) There is a dress code that says that the following are not allowed – tank tops, jeans, sandals, boots, bandanas, skull caps, do rags.
c) “Gymtimidation” is a strict no-no. It is a feeling that novices have when they see people around them showing off their muscles and body. Nobody should be made to feel like that.


In a nutshell, Planet Fitness is a fabulous option for someone who has never been to a gym in years or is an absolute novice to a gym. People are unique and they would always have their own preferences. PF is pocket friendly and the philosophy that it follows is pretty straightforward and justified. Hence it is definitely worth a try! (Here is the link to that guide if you want to learn much more in depth: Click Here )